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While providing top quality legal services is our first priority, we at Webster, Hudson & Coombe LLP are well aware that leadership in our profession requires us to commit to excellence in all areas of our practices and lives. To this end, we are constantly seeking out new methods to increase our energy efficiency, to minimize the amount of waste generated, and to reduce the size of our carbon footprint.  Our sustainability plan aims to keep us at the very forefront of the legal field in this respect by expanding on existing initiatives over the next 5 years.

Energy Efficiency

In order to maximize the energy efficiency of Webster, Hudson & Coombe LLP, we make use of the latest technology to shut down office equipment altogether when not needed, to power it down when not in use, and to minimize power consumption while in use by means of sophisticated power management software.

All lighting, copiers, computers and other appliances in use at Webster, Hudson & Coombe LLP are either already “Energy Star” compliant or are being phased out and replaced.

The thermostats in our offices are kept at energy-efficient levels, and our landlord is encouraged to take all possible steps to conserve energy through the building HVAC and insulation systems.

To complement the high tech solutions, we do not overlook the low tech ones, and our staff and lawyers are careful to promptly shut off anything that is not in use which is not already equipped with a timer or power management.

Minimizing Waste

The principal harm done to our environment in the traditional practice of law is through the use and disposal of prodigious amounts of paper.  Webster, Hudson & Coombe LLP has gone to great lengths to take proactive, non-traditional steps to reduce paper waste without sacrificing the best business and professional practices.

In order to reduce the amount of paper we use, we have in place a system to keep documents in electronic form as much as possible.  At present, the vast majority of faxes we receive remain unprinted.  Working copies of documents are virtually a thing of the past as a result of our high speed scanners and remote access computing systems.  In the near future, Webster, Hudson & Coombe LLP is committed to spending a considerable amount upgrading our computer imaging and archiving systems to make possible a virtually paperless office.

Where paper is used in our offices, Webster, Hudson & Coombe LLP is careful to employ low-bond recycled post-consumer paper. Copies are double-sided where possible.

As for the disposal of waste paper, Webster, Hudson & Coombe LLP recycles all paper and indeed, all other recyclable waste. We have a system of locked disposal boxes in place for the secure and confidential shredding of client documents in order to recycle the paper in a manner consistent with our clients’ peace of mind and expectation of first quality legal services.

Other Steps

One of the other principal areas where a traditional law firm produces a significant carbon footprint is through commuting.  At Webster, Hudson & Coombe LLP, we have taken a number of radical steps to reduce this.

Our computer network permits remote access so that our lawyers and staff can easily telecommute, saving countless trips to and from the office.  To the extent that a daily commute is still necessary, we encourage alternate means of transport by providing transit passes and by assisting staff in arranging their schedules around public transit.

Finally, we strongly encourage and are always prepared to assist clients in setting up “green” systems in their own businesses.  A number of our lawyers have extensive knowledge and experience in identifying and taking the legal steps necessary to implement environmental solutions in a number of different fields.

At Webster, Hudson & Coombe LLP, we are always on the lookout for ways of improving our environmental impact for the benefit of our and future generations that are consistent with best business and legal practices.  While we keep abreast of most recent developments in developing a sustainable workplace, we always welcome new and creative ideas to minimize our carbon footprint and to make our planet a better place.